This group shows how you can integrate different business solutions into your Spherical deployment.


Getting data into a running Spherical instance is a straightforward process. It can be done by connecting an API gateway by following the relevant instructions on the following pages:

pageApigeepageKongpageAWS API Gateway

Integrations with these API Gateways are implemented using AWS Lambda functions, in which an inbound HTTP method request from a client is mapped to a Lambda function invocation. By using a Lambda Proxy Integration, the entire request is passed wholesale into the Spherical instance.

Inbound integrations should be performed after creating a Spherical instance.


Getting events out of a running Spherical instance is also a straightforward process. This is done asynchronously using AWS Lambda functions in a deployed CloudFormation stack (as discussed in the Summary). Currently there are only two outbound integrations, but it is very simple to implement your own Lambda functions to integrate with your own (or third party) services:


Outbound integration steps should be performed before creating a Spherical instance.

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