This page documents how you can integrate Slack with a Spherical CloudFormation stack.

Spherical integrates nicely with Slack using AWS, and can stream alerts directly to a channel of your choice. The following steps need to happen before starting a Spherical instance.

To start test driving Spherical with Slack, go onto your Slack dashboard here and create a new Slack App. This app will be configured to interact with a Spherical instance.

Once you have created the app, go on to the Incoming Webhooks link on your sidebar and activate incoming web-hooks.

Once activated, click ‘Add New Webhook to workspace’, and copy the resultant web-hook URL.

Once you have the web-hook to your Slack app, launch the Spherical stack on AWS using the CloudFormation button.

Add the above web-hook url to the SlackWebhook parameter.

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